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Expand your business


Store in Store solution allows those who already have a business  to do something different with a step to the future

All GoSmart needs from you is a small surface area of about 4.5 x 2.5 metres, i.e.  11-18 m2 , this allows your business to ad a new dynamic and modern Self checkout  solution .


With  investment of 1500-3000€  GoSmart can give your place a new face-lift, make people curious, talking about you and consider your company as proactive thinking, and not least it can give you and your team a new VISION.

This  can also be seen as a healthy habits solution for your team to get a new stimulation in your company.


​So if you feel for some excitement and new dynamics in your company or if you just want to get more out of your business this is one of the solutions.

GoSmart the Smart, green, healthy and inspiring concept with a focus on healthy food and fitness, will attract many new faces to your business.

1 two 3

1  You share the place, two we bring the people, 3 expanded business.
In some cases we can even replace a part-time member of your staff !!


Shop in Shop

we start a small shop in your store as a complement

Witch deal fits you BEST :

  1. Receive a monthly allowance of 400-1000€ (based on your current customer traffic)

  2. Receive  10% of turnover .

Your investment is based on your daily customer turnover.

Customers                   Investment       Monthley rent or 10% of turnover
000-200     =      3000€       500€

200-500     =      2000€       750€

500----      =       1500€       1000€


It takes less then one week to set up a GoSmart !!

  Lets Go Go Smart ?


We transform your entire business

You pay just 3000€  and we transform your business!
You become our partner and own 30%.

After 1,5 years you can choose.:

The collaboration continues
You take back 100% of the business for 3500€.

We agree amount and take over 100% .


  Lets Go Go Smart ?

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